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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our tent products.

Which instant canopy should I choose?

In an attempt to differentiate between Pop Up Tents that you may see from many sources on the Internet, it is imperative that you compare individual specifications before you make any final choice.

From the size and type of metal used in the frame structure, the type of joints, the way the structure is fitted together including the size of the nuts and bolts, the Denier or weight of the fabric used in the roof and side walls, the various certificates applicable to that material. And that is even before you consider tent size, fabric colour and whether printing would be an option.

While many Pop Up tents will look the same, they will differ greatly in terms of specification and quality. But that is generally reflected in the price differential.

Our Commercial 40 is the lightest frame in our Pop up tent range, but is still offers maximum strength and durability. They are ideal for infrequent use such as seasonal outdoor events and tradeshows.

Our Professional 45 is a medium weight easy to use canopy. They are ideal for fairly regular use such as weekend outdoor markets and outdoor exhibitions.

Our Industrial 50 is a strong and robust canopy that can be used in any situation. Ideal for very regular use. These are the ones favoured by market operators, who are looking for a canopy that is quick and easy to put up, but maintains the best appearance for the longest period of time.

Take your event to the next level and stand out from the crowd with customised printing of your Pop up Gazebo. Whatever you have planned for your next event, our event tents will impress, whether you use it as an indoor or outdoor event tent.

All our Pop Up tents are 100% waterproof and fire resistant. The fabric material is tested to Germany's DIN 4102 Class B1 - Flame Retardant Standard.

Whether your Gazebo is used at the weekly market, the flea market or the regional or seasonal farmers' market, the requirements of a market stall or promotional tent remain the same. Durability and stability are vital for a market tent.

The Tent Frames

The Framework

The framework of a Pop Up Gazebo is the single most important part of the whole structure and should be given the most consideration. It must be light enough to be portable yet durable enough to last the rigours of our Irish weather. We use aluminium rather than steel on our heavier and more expensive frame models, and though more expensive than steel, it is much lighter, very strong and not prone to rust. It is important that a Nylock nut and bolt system is used on the frame fixings to prevent loosening of the frame at the joints. Note that Hexagonal shaped legs are stronger than square shaped legs. Hence we use hexagonal shaped legs on our heavier and more expensive frame models. The dimensions of the legs, flat face to flat face, are important but the thickness of the material used is equally as important.

Our frame structure consists of one piece of framework, umbrella like at the roof end, and held together with either metal or plastic joints and ending in 4 or more telescopic legs, depending on the size of the tent.

We have three main types of frame to choose from and the choice you make when buying your frame will be dependant on what you will be using the structure for and how often.

The Tent Covers

The covers are the second most important part of the assembled structure. It is the cover that will protect you from the elements. We use Polyester, which is graded by Denier (D) or Weight (gsm) with a PVC coating for waterproofing. The higher the Denier rating (or gsm) the thicker the material. We use the same grade for the roof as the side walls.

Our covers are rated as 500gsm/600D.

Front covers come with zips for doorways, back covers are plain, and side covers come with windows.

We can also supply half side panels. Our heavy duty covers have skirts at the bottom to prevent wind and rain from blowing in.

When storing for an extended period of time make sure the tent covers are dry to prevent mildew and mould occurring.

We have two main types of tent cover to choose from and the choice you make when buying your covers will be dependant on what you will be using the structure for and how often.


No assembly tools are required. A set up procedure can be downloaded from here.

The first time the structure is used, you will be required to put the roof cover on, but once the roof cover has been attached, the roof cover can be left on the roof frame. The side covers are then added. You may decide to leave some or indeed all of the side walls off depending on the weather and requirements on the day. Although one person can put the 3M x 3M size canopy up on their own, it is always advisable to have two or more helping as these canopies are heavy in comparison to others, but that is due to the strength and durability of the structure.

Securing to the ground

We strongly advise appropriate tie downs or leg weights to suit shape and size of tent and expected weather conditions. The frames come with nylon guy lines and small pegs. However if you want more substantial tie downs then these are extra.

We offer Tie Down Kits which consist of large stakes and ratchet straps to help you anchor down your pop up gazebo. We also offer a selection of pop up gazebo leg weights to help you anchor down your framework on both soft and hard standing areas. We recommend these weights considering the Irish climate and we suggest a minimum of 16kg per leg for the smaller pop up tents and 32kg per leg for the bigger pop up tents.


We offer manufacturers defect warranties as follows:

Professional Frame - 3 Years Manufacturers Defect Warranty

Industrial Frame - 5 Years Manufacturers defect Warranty

Roof and side Covers - 12 Months Manufacturers Defect Warranty

Please note that the warranties offered cover manufacturers or material defects and are not warranties that cover wear and tear, abuse, poor erection and dismantling techniques or weather damage. However, we do have on the shelf spares for every conceivable frame part if you should need to make a repair.

Correct Care of product instructions and full Erection and Dismantling Instructions can be found on our website on the downloads page. Purchase of our products assumes your acceptance of our terms and conditions and that you will abide by the instructions provided.

Standing Size, Packing Size and Spare Parts

Standing Size

We offer manufacturers defect warranties as follows:

The Pop up frames are telescopic, in that there is an inner leg that slides into a wider outer leg and as such the legs can be adjusted in height by fixing the inner leg in various positions by use of a push button.

Packing Size

Height wise the canopies pack down to a size of roughly 5' to 5' 6" (1.5m to 1.7m) and a width and breadth that varies from 12" x 12" (300mm x 300mm) to about 18" x 18"(500mm x 500mm) depending on the size of the tent. All our ranges of canopies come in a wheeled carry bag and it is possible to put the frame and roof cover into these bags. It is a tight fit but the idea is to stop the frame cross bars moving about during transportation and nipping the roof

Spare Parts

A full range of spare parts is available to order and we have a downloadable specification sheet for each frame to help with identification. Simply go to the downloads page and take a look, or alternatively, go to our spares section to order the relevant part on-line


A full range of accessories are available to order.